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Chiropractor Victor NY Ryan Mulcahy Meet The Team


Dr. Ryan Mulcahy D.C.

Dr. Mulcahy is from the Greater Rochester region and grew up on the west side of the Flower City!  He’s excited to serve and give back to the Victor, NY community that gave him a major part of his roots! 

Dr. Mulcahy is a Board Certified and Lifetime member of the International Chiropractor’s Association. During his time at New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Mulcahy learned the most up-to-date, scientific, and comprehensive Chiropractic Care available to date! Dr. Mulcahy is a proud lifetime member of the Victor Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, and Rotary Clubs where a vision and purpose of contributing to a cause greater than himself is the primary focus. Being involved and available to his community is something he holds near and dear to his heart and couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a thriving community. Volunteering at local farmers markets, annual award ceremonies such as the “Women of Excellence”, “Hang Around Victor Day”, and many more…you can expect to see Dr. Ryan and/or the Rhino Chiropractic team at anything and everything in between if it serves his community & impacts its residing families.

Dr. Mulcahy had the privilege to serve at Innate Chiropractic, the third-largest pediatric and family practice in the state of NY and one of the largest in the entire Northeast with Dr. Erik Brower and his wife Dana Brower in Orange County, Newburgh NY. With a similar vision of serving full families, infants, pediatrics, athletes and geriatrics, Rhino Chiropractic is equipped to establish themselves as a premier 4 Generation practice. During Dr. Ryan's time spent at Innate Chiropractic, he was involved in countless community outreach campaigns geared at uplifting the less fortunate and in need. Engaging and cementing themselves in the community as many partnerships were developed, Dr. Ryan helped grow this office through various community and corporate talks, various complementary health assessments given in local grocery stores, Walmarts, Fairs, Expos, and various other community events throughout the crossroads of the Northeast, giving them an opportunity to get healthy and avoid drugs, surgeries, and medications for their health conditions.

Combining these techniques allows Dr. Ryan to be utilizing the most up-to-date and advanced techniques in the chiropractic profession to date. Utilizing the professions only Second Generation technique of the New Millennium allows for the most reproducible, specific, and gentle care available with predictable outcomes & results for practice members of any age.

Dr. Ryan Specializes in:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Health Conditions
  • Maintaining Health
  • Pediatrics
  • Athletes
  • Human Potential & Performance
  • Extremities (arms, wrists, hands, shoulders, legs, feet)
  • Arthritis


  • BS Professional Studies – Focus in Life & Biological Sciences-Glenville State College
  • DC-Doctor of Chiropractic-New York Chiropractic College
  • NBCE Certified-National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • NBCE Certified-Physiotherapy
  • Torque Release Technique Advanced Proficiency
  • Webster Certification
Chiropractor Victor NY Drew Meet The Team


Dr. Drew D.C.

Dr. Drew is from Scranton (SCRAN), Pennsylvania and a recent graduate from Northeast College of Health Sciences, formerly New York Chiropractic College (NYCC). He’s excited to serve the Rochester community through Chiropractic care.

While studying chiropractic at Northeast, Dr. Drew received the most up to date information on spinal health and promoting healthy living. While at Northeast he provided ergonomic assessment and evaluations for Gould Factory employees in Seneca Falls, NY.

Dr. Drew received the D.D. Palmer Award after the founder of chiropractic care, which was awarded to a student who participated in activities to educate the public on the benefits of chiropractic and activities that furthered the advancement of the chiropractic profession.

In his free time, Dr. Drew enjoys playing sports like soccer, quad ball, lacrosse, baseball, rowing, and bull riding, along with video games, board games, and exploring local places (mainly restaurants). He lives in Rochester with his fiancè (Heidi), cats (JarJar Binks and Poe Dameron), and rabbit (Benjy).

Chiropractic Victor NY Grace Meet The Team

Office Manager

Grace Mulcahy

Hello, I am Grace Mulcahy wife of Dr Ryan. I'm also the mother to our Delaney Rae and Dutton Cole. I opened Rhino Chiropractic with Dr Ryan on May 1st of 2017. Before opening the office, I was a hairstylist for 10 years at my beloved Solutions Studio and Spa in Greece NY.

Chiropractic care has changed my life in so many ways. At first, it allowed my body to heal, resulting in the resolution of headaches/migraines. I lived with these ailments for so many years.

To live a life, pain free, was something I didn't know was possible. Ample learning taught me how chiropractic care can help in assisting with so many other things than just back pain. I then took great interest and a passion for all things pregnancy, birth, and babies. When you come to our office pregnant or with a new baby, I'm able and willing to sit and talk with you for hours. I was fortunate to receive chiropractic care via the webster protocol for both of our pregnancies and labors. Both were completely different. Both were completely natural.

I'm excited to encourage and uplift women in finding what journey best works for them. Our babies were both born at home with no complications. We are an open book and share our struggles to conceive children. We know it is something not spoken about openly and we'd love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss all things Chiropractic and Pregnancy. If you have any questions, we're always here for you and your family. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.

Chiropractic Victor NY Sharon Meet The Team

Chiropractic Assistant

Sharon McHenry

As a long-time resident of the Rochester area, I grew up in Webster and began my career with a degree in Social Sciences, working with teens at Hillside Children’s Center. I eventually changed course and moved into the hospitality industry then transitioned again into health care.

I’ve raised two children who have come to be amazing adults.  My focus has always been to help people and to hopefully enrich lives in some small way. Being a part of the Rhino Team has offered me this opportunity.   I am so grateful to have found this niche that puts me in a position to help improve the quality of life for others.

Chiropractic Victor NY Cassandra Phillips Meet The Team

Chiropractic Assistant

Cassandra Phillips

I grew up in Livonia, New York. I graduated from Alfred State College in 2008 where I earned my associates in Veterinary Technology and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

I love living in the Finger Lakes with my husband, son and several pets. You can find me immersed in the outdoors camping, hiking, hunting or gardening. I enjoy the process of preserving the harvest through canning, freezing and dehydrating fruits, vegetables, and meats. I love the healing support that chiropractic lends to the body and have found new passion with educating others about the many benefits of consistent chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Victor NY Kate Meet The Team

Chiropractic Assistant

Kate Swartz

I grew up near Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes. I am currently earning my certification in Medical Billing and Coding which led me to Rhino. I have fallen in love with chiropractic care and its ability to naturally heal.

In my spare time, I love to collect vinyl records, see live music, and ski! I have 2 cats named Dinah Washington and Otis Redding. I also travel as much as possible…usually to go to concerts. Go Bills!


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