Chiropractic Testimonials

"I've been impressed by friendly happy atmosphere at Rhino. Dr. Ryan Mulcahy welcomes all his patients with a smile and a good Irish sense of humor."

- Michael F. K.

"Dr. Ryan and his staff are incredible! They take the time to understand your body and fix its issues. This is my first time seeing a chiro that seems like his techniques are based in real science. The staff is great and so wonderful to talk you while in the waiting area. Overall 10/10 if you’re not already seeing Dr. Ryan schedule your appointment today!"

- Kevin B.

"I just left the office... they made a point to get me in ASAP. They have an EXCELLENT list of medical history then they used advanced equipment to do a musculature test, a stress test to see how my heart is functioning stress-wise, and an x-ray on my back. I'm SO impressed and I feel my back is in phenomenal hands with doctor Ryan...and quite frankly his whole staff. They took every precaution for my safety. Plus while I was there a woman was almost in tears explaining to the staff she had to use a cane as recently as last week and just went on a 5hr walk with her daughter which is a miracle for her. If that wasn't a sign I was in the right place I literally don't know what is."

- Ryan C.

"I just moved to this area- I’ve only been to Rhino a few times, but I’m totally sold on them & expect to be feeling better very soon. The assessment, communication & treatment so far has been professional & and amazing!"

- Sara M. R.



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